CONFERENCE’S HIGHLIGHTS200-intro The first MWWD Conference has taken place between November 28 and December 1, 2000. Ancillary aim was to diffuse the EU/LIFE project AQUARIUS, dedicated to the setting up of a monitoring system for outfalls. 
Despite the late decision – the conference was launched only in January 2000 – 120 colleagues from 25 countries have participated with 55 papers. Due to the interest shown by the participants, it was decided in that occasion to make MWWD a bi-annual event.
Despite the presence of producers and contractors, who have presented papers and posters, no exhibition was held during the first event.
No web page was prepared at that time.
When MWWD 2000 was launched, the idea of associating an exhibition to the Conference was not taken into consideration. The venue, moreover, did not offer adequate spaces for stands or exhibits. In front of a few requests, it was accepted to give space to a limited number of technical-promotional posters, integrating the presentations and papers of some Companies and some advertising space was however made available in the Proceedings.
The conference  was held in the historical Palazzo  San Giorgio, seat of the Genova Port Authority. The first MWWD demonstrated that the subject “outfalls” was  alive, and that the interest was not centered only on the scientific aspects, but also on the more practical engineering aspects, such as design and installation. 2000-intro2
The colleagues  agreed in Genova on the opportunity to meet periodically for an exchange of information and experiences in the field and supported the decision to hold a second conference after two years.

Authors and titles of papers, are presented in the downloadable list Participant & Papers 2000.
The list includes the names of all participants (with or without paper), Authors and Co-authors in alphabetical order and the titles of the presented papers.

The papers in 2000 have been published in volume, since long out of print.
The papers have been collected, together with the following ones of 2002 and 2004, in the “MWWD Collection” DVD (ISBN 9944-5566-1-0).