CONFERENCE’S HIGHLIGHTS2002-intro1 During 2001, it was decided to hold MWWD 2002 in Istanbul.
One of the reasons of the choice has been the activity of the Istanbul Municipality in the field of waste waters, with several outfalls installed (the first operative since the middle 80s), under construction and planned. 
The 2002 event, co-sponsored in this occasion by both IAHR and IWA, has been held in September 2002 and has seen the presence of 140 participants from 30 countries, including representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Environment, the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Authority, World Bank, EIB, U.S.E.P.A., WHI Delft Hydraulics, international Universities and Companies who have presented 99 papers on the scientific and technical aspects of the marine waste water discharges and on marine materials. On request of some companies, a small exhibition was included in the program.
2002-intro2 The 2002 event was organized directly in a downtown hotel in Istanbul which hosted also the main social events. The opening ceremony saw the participation of a representative of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and of the General Manager of ISKI, the Istanbul Municipal Water and Waste Water Company, and was completed by significant keynotes.
The conference was appreciated by the participants both for the good level of the presentations and workshops and for the touristic and social aspects.
The conference was closed with the presentation of the 2004 event, to be held in Catania (Italy).


In this renewed web site, the participants names and the papers titles have been collected in a downloadable page Participants & Titles.

The papers in 2002 have been published in two printed volumes and later collected, together with the ones of 2000 and the following ones of 2004, in the “MWWD Collection” DVD
(ISBN 9944-5566-1-0). 

The first Exhibition has been held in the occasion.