The Conference and Exhibition has been held in Catania, Italy, between Sept. 27-Oct. 2 and has been preceded by two Short Courses, on Sept. 24-25.
It has been attended by 150 Delegates.
The papers included in the Proceeding’s CD have been 128, 20 of which published in absence of the Authors. Several papers have been withdrawn at the last minute, for impossibility for Authors to participate. Unfortunately, a worldwide lack of funds during 2004 has prevented the participation of several delegates from both high and low income countries, but the conference has been appreciated by the participants, several of whom was present for the third time.
It had been noted that some aspects needed to be upgraded in the following event, among them the fact that a 10-11 days duration (inclusive of the Short Courses and arrival-departure days) has been too engaging for many professionals.
A shorter duration (one week inclusive of eventual Short Courses) was decided.

We have again collected participants names and paper titles in a downloadable page Participants  & Titles 2004. In 2004, it has been preferred to present the Abstracts in a printed booklet handed to the participants, while the full papers have been published in a CD. The CD (not any more available) is substituted by the “MWWD Collection” DVD (ISBN 9944-5566-1-0) which includes the 2000, 2002 and 2004 Proceedings, and the lectures of the 2004 Short Courses.
2004-1-4 The Conference Conclusions brought to some decisions impacting the future conferences.
The Short Courses, even if not  repeated, were an occasion to discuss the technical aspects of the profession, while the Exhibition enabled direct contacts between the participants.