MWWD 2006 – 4th International Conference on Marine Waste Water Disposal and Marine Environment associated to IEMES 2006 – 2nd International Exhibition of materials, equipment and services for coastal WWTP, outfalls and sealines has been held in the Divan-Talya Hotel & Convention Center, Antalya, Turkey, on November 06-10, 2006.
Contrary to 2004, when the Conference has been held in University premises, the 2006 event has taken place in a Hotel and Convention Center (Divan Talya). The choice has permitted to have all Conference facilities and services and the exhibition stands in the same.
The 2006 event has been shortened to 4 days, Tuesday to Friday.
Instead of the Short Courses, it was held instead a Round Table on Modelling on Monday, which has been followed with interest.
While IAHR and IWA have continued their co-sponsorship and have cooperated to the diffusion of the event, other Associations, potentially interested in MWWD topics, though invited, have not reacted.

Also the Universities, despite the presence of several representatives, have shown the tendency to keep the Conference diffusion, if any, within a single department, without the opportune spread of the information to other departments or faculties potentially interested.
It had been at the end discussed if to maintain MWWD as a basically scientific conference or if to implement the technical participation.
The registered participants have been 185, including the representatives of 12 companies, but several colleagues could not be present due to professional engagements. Not counting the opening and closing speeches, the interventions presented have been 165 (26 of which virtual papers). The number of presented papers has increased by 30% to 165, while as many as 40 papers have been withdrawn after the abstract had been presented and accepted.
Unfortunately, also in 2006, many Authors have delayed to the latest possible date the transmittal of their paper obliging to run against the time for the preparation of the Proceedings. The late submittal of papers and, in some cases, the lack of communication, have obliged to delay the preparation of an organic program.
In 2006, the “style” for publishing has been maintained, with the issue of a booklet with the abstracts and a DVD with the papers.
Names of participants and titles of papers are collected in the Participants & Papers downloadable page. The page includes also the titles and authors of the seven Keynotes presented in the opening session.
In 2006, we have started to collect, with permission of the Authors, almost all the oral presentations, which may be available at request.