2008-1-7 HIGLIGHTS
MWWD Conferences have continued with the 5th issue in 2008.
Our contribution to the health of marine waters and coasts may seem small, if compared to the ongoing global efforts to protect the world’s marine environment, however every study or experience may add a significant contribution to the common efforts.
The farewell from Antalya was concluded with a “good work and goodbye to 2008” to all colleagues.

It was decided to remain, at least once more, around the Mediterranean, choosing the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, as venue, Cavtat, a nice town not far from Dubrovnik.
The conference has been hosted once more in  a first class hotel – Hotel Croatia in Cavtat – which has made available all necessary conference and exhibition facilities and services. The duration has been set in 1+4 days, the first of which dedicated to collateral activities as indicated hereafter.The conference has been opened on Monday with a Round Table dedicated to climate changes; in parallel, the first meeting of the IAHR/IWA Committee on Marine Outfall Systems and an internal meeting of INSEA Project group have taken place. 2008-1-2
As in the earlier events, we have continued to diffuse MWWD towards scientific and technical Organizations, with the aim to expand their participation with all topics related to the coastal environment; moreover, during the preparation, we have kept informed as many colleagues as possible through our periodical NewsLetters, to make MWWD the focus of our community dedicated to the “health” of our coasts and seas.
The “habit” of postpone to the latest possible date the transmittal of the papers, and last minute withdrawals have obliged to continuously delay the preparation of a firm program and made difficult the preparation of organic sessions and the nomination of Chairpersons.
The 2008 event was successful, despite being to a certain extent penalized by several withdrawals and no-shows; however, 160 papers have found space in the 2008 proceedings, and a participation of 139 colleagues has assured the filling of the program.
The presentations were split in 3 sessions, with some claims by colleagues not being able to listen to all the subjects of their interest.

At the end of the conference, a friendly discussion with several colleagues, who had discussed the possibility of making MWWD a purely “scientific environment” under their control, has brought to the “Declaration of Independence” by MWWD Organization, which intended to remain open to all scientific and practical aspects of the coastal environment.The announcement of the next 6th event MWWD 2010, in Malaysia, had been given at in the closing session. 


The names of participants and titles of papers are collected in the Participants & Papers downloadable page.

The presentations given during the Round Table (entitled “Global weather changes: which can be the impact on coastal waste water discharges and structures?“ and the ones presented by the INSEA group are equally indicated in the page.

The presentations (collected after the conference) are available at request.