mwwd2010_311x90 After 10 years along the coasts of the Mediterranean, it was decided to change the marine area and to move towards South East, with the aim of enhancing the cooperation and the participation of the Asian colleagues.
The country chosen for the 2010 event has been Malaysia, and the location was the Langkawi island, the main island of the archipelago, located at the NW end of continental Malaysia.
As venue was one of the top-class hotels in the island, the Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, which presented well organized conference spaces and comfortable accommodation.
MWWD Organization has been assisted and supported, in the preparation of the event, by Public Authorities, Universities and Environmental Organizations of Malaysia and other International Associations and Organizations, Universities and Companies. The local Municipality, LADA, and the Langkawi Geopark Organization, as well as all the local touristic facilities, have actively cooperated in giving a warm welcome to the participants.

Despite the efforts, the conference has seen a decrease of the participation of scientists and disappointingly low participation from the Asian countries; however, despite many withdrawals and no-shows, it has seen a qualified and positive participation.
57 papers have been presented orally, while other 28 have been published in the Proceedings as virtual papers.
The relatively low number of papers, most of them on engineering and technical subjects, have permitted to concentrate the lectures in two sessions only, one dedicated to different aspects of sealines design and construction and one to coastal protection.
It has however appeared evident that the colleagues did not “like” running between the two conference rooms to catch the presentations they were interested in; it has been recommended in the conference conclusions to have a single unitary session.
In 2006, the “style” for publishing has been maintained, with the issue of a booklet with the abstracts and a DVD with the papers.
The names of participants and titles of papers are collected in the Participant & Papers  downloadable page.
The presentations (collected after the conference) are available at request.
During the conference, we have presented three books:

• Marine Wastewater Outfalls and treatment systems (by Philip Roberts, Henry Salas, Fred Reiff, Menahem Libhaber, Alejandro Labbe, James Thompson)
• Marine Outfall Construction: Background, Techniques, and Case Studies (by Robert A. Grace)
• Risk Analysis of Water Pollution (by Jacques Ganoulis)Their presentation was once more reinforcing the idea of publishing an MWWD book on marine pipelines, and the colleagues were urged to prepare their contribution for  the 2012 Conference.