We have seen, during the years, the growth in diameter of solid wall HDPE, the “explosion” of the GRP use and, recently, a revival of structured HDPE for marine applications.
Our trend has been keep track and discuss the technical developments in the fields of sealines, both on engineering, materials and installation techniques.
In the past two conferences the source of papers seems to have somehow dried up.
Nevertheless, as anticipated in the page “LAUNCHING MWWD 2018, we feel optimistic about new interesting developments.
In particular, we expect to have news and data of sealines in operation since many years, a subject that, despite our insistence, has rarely been touched;
In the next pages you will find a summary of the past conferences from 2000 on.


The MWWD conferences have been launched in 2000 and have arrived in 2018 at the 10th issue. From the start we have kept available in the web, as reference for the colleagues, a summary of the past events, consisting on:

MWWD 2018 –  Dubai (UAE)
MWWD 2016 – Golden Sands (Varna, Bulgaria) mwwd2016-mini
MWWD 2014  – St. Julien`s Bay (Malta) mwwd2014-mini
MWWD 2012  – Budva (Montenegro) mwwd2012-mini
MWWD 2010  – Langkawi (Malaysia) mwwd2010-mini
MWWD 2008  – Cavtat / Dubrovnik (Croatia) mwwd2008-mini
MWWD 2006  – Antalya (Turkey) mwwd2006-mini
MWWD 2004  – Catania (Italy) mwwd2004-mini
MWWD 2002  – Istanbul (Turkey) mwwd2002-mini
MWWD 2000  – Genova (Italy) mwwd2000-mini
MWWD Background
Each event’s page gives general information on the conference, a list of participants and of papers, names and data of the Companies` presence with promotional interventions. Clicking on the links above you will access the content.